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About Betsy:
After a 40 year run as a production potter in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and most recently as the owner of  Betsy Ratzsch Pottery in Ada, Michigan, in 2013 Betsy felt that it was time to take the next step.  She closed the gallery that had been her artistic home for 20 years (and which had been a nominee for the top 100 craft galleries in the US), and  began a new phase – Fase 3 – of creativity.

A new custom-designed studio allows for exploration, daydreaming and growing.

Since 2021, Betsy has been focusing on painting on canvas, wood panels, and paper.

The Handworks Show has been a completely

fresh creative outlet, allowing Betsy to keep in touch with her previous gallery customers while providing a venue for her new work.


Currently, Betsy is producing mixed media acrylic painting.

To see Betsy's latest, go to:


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