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About Betsy:

After a lifetime in art, largely as a potter, Betsy is creating a new artistic home which includes various media and a surprise return to clay!  Who would guess that after 10 years work in in felting, jewelry, and painting the clay "women" of her past would return!  They will look similar and yet naturally be their own women.  New surface in texture and stains will replace the former glazed surfaces.


Acrylic painting has been an important expressive tool since 2021.  In 2024 two of Betsy's paintings were accepted into Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids.  A large painting was also purchased by the Amy Van Andel Library in Ada for its collection of art.


Do stay tuned for a big new venture in the created world in Ada.  Watch this space!

The Handworks Show has been a completely

fresh creative outlet, allowing Betsy to keep in touch with her previous gallery customers while providing a venue for her new work.


Currently, Betsy is producing mixed media acrylic painting.

To see Betsy's latest, go to:


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